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Nanolab News

  • Multi-function Evaporator ATC 1800 HY

    ATC 1800 eE-gun vaproator
    Publicerad 2021-10-08

    A new multi-function E-gun evaporator will be installed in the Albanova Nanolab during spring 2022.

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  • Second plasma etcher with cryo

    Oxford PlasmaPro 100 w. Cobra 300 ICP
    Publicerad 2021-04-13

    During fall of 2021 there will be one more plasma etcher with cryo stage and ICP installed in Albanova Nanolab.

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  • Direct Laser Writer MLA150

    Publicerad 2021-04-12

    During spring 2021 a Direct Laser Writer MLA150 from Heidelberg Instruments will be installed.

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  • New Raith EBL system installation week 14

    Publicerad 2018-03-09

    Albanova Nanolab will move to the cutting edge of electron beam lithography with the Raith Voyager system

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  • New instructional videos for AFM

    Publicerad 2018-01-22

    When you need a quick refresher

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  • Flip chip bonder install and training Feb 22

    Paroteq H-System die bonder
    Publicerad 2018-01-15

    Flip chip bonders are a useful tool for accurately aligning and bonding components

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  • Direct writing tool ordered

    Publicerad 2017-11-17

    Maskless lithographic tools are emerging as a handy tool for rapid prototyping

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  • New e-beam system ordered

    Publicerad 2017-10-31

    An order for a new Raith Voyager e-beam system has finally been placed

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  • New nanomechanics capabilities on FastScan

    Publicerad 2017-10-31

    Expanding the palate of nanomechanical analysis.

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