Department of Applied Physics

The Department of Applied Physics is one of the largest departments in the School of Engineering Sciences. We're situated in AlbaNova University Center and Science for Life Laboratory.

The research at Department of Applied Physics is primarily experimental and often multi-disciplinary. Topics range from biological and medical physics over optical physics to applied quantum physics. Prominent areas include the science and technology of bioimaging, biomolecular spectroscopy, solid-state lasers, non-linear optics, ultrasonics, x-rays, nanostructures, nanophotonics and nanoelectronics.

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'Glasses' now available for x-ray lenses

Researchers at Applied Physics Dept. have helped in developing new mehtod to correct aberrated x-ray optics. The results are published in Nature Communications

More information: see the  press release from SLAC

Forskar Grand Prix 2016

Doktoranden David Unnersjö-Jess gick till final, men nådde inte riktigt ända fram i riksfinalen. Men ett stort grattis till David, som även hördes i P4 Radio Stockholm. Vad är egentligen Tillämpad Fysik...? Och hur gör man en njure genomskinlig?

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Forskar Grand Prix

Deviation or suggestion

Have you seen or experienced something that deviates from how we at KTH should work with issues concerning the environment or related issues, aka deviations in the environmental friendly handling? Or do you feel we could do it better or in a better way? Please report through this form. You can also ask questions and submit improvement suggestions to the central environment group at KTH.


Defense of dissertations

Defense of dissertations


Kalaiselvan Krishnansuccessfully defended his thesis on April 19th!

Miguel Iglesias Olmedosuccessfully defended his thesis on April 7th!

Venkatesh Doddapanenisuccessfully defended his thesis on March 24th!

Per Olofssonsuccessfully defended his thesis on January 13th!


Tunhe Zhousuccessfully defended her thesis on October 14th!

Hao Xusuccessfully defended his thesis on September 29th!

Abinaya Priya Venkataramansuccessfully defended her thesis on September 23rd!

Björn Koopsuccessfully defended his thesis on June 15th!

Volodymyr Chmyrovsuccessfully defended his thesis on June 13th!

Simon Wintersuccessfully defended his thesis on June 3rd!

Mårten Selinsuccessfully defended his thesis on April 22nd!

Jonas Almlöfsuccessfully defended his thesis on January 29th!

Master Programme Engineering Physics

Master Programme

Engineering Physics

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