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Available Tools

The following instruments and tools are available in the Albanova Nanolab

Further information about the tools can be found in the MyFab LIMS system  (write "albanova" under tool name in optional filters). More information, including a range of spinners, hotplates, ovens, ultrasonic baths etc. can be found on the technical site .

  Tool Manufacturer Description
Wire bonder Kulicke Soffa 4523D

Alumina wire, 33 µm diameter

RIE ICP O2/Ar Oxford Dry etcher (plasma)
Cryo RIE Oxford Dry etcher (plasma) with cryo stage
Mask Aligner Karl Suss MJB3 for photolithographic mask alignment
E-beam lithography Raith 150
Projection Camera Canon for exposure of patterns through photolithographic masks
Stylus Profiler KLA-Tencor P-15 for measuring thickness of films via step-height
Optical Profiler gbs SmartVis-3D WLI based optical profiler, 10x obj
AFM Bruker Dimension Icon versatile system with many modules and accesories
AFM Bruker Dimension FastScan Bio FastScanning
AFM JPK Nanowizard 3 mounted on inverted microscope for life science applications
AFM JPK UltraSpeed top-view optics for materials applications
Optical Microscope 1 Nikon ME600 Reflection, DIC 5-100x obj
Optical Microscope 2 Nikon ME600 reflection/transmission, DIC, 5x100x obj
Optical Microscope 3 Nikon Eclipse L200 wafer, reflection, 5-150x obj
Optical Microscope 4 Nikon ME600 fluorescence, 10-100x obj
FIB/SEM FEI Nova 200 Ga FIB, Pt deposition
Sputter AJA Orion multiple targets
Sputter AJA Orion Nb, Ti etc
Sputter Edwards Auto 306 multiple targets
e-beam deposition Eurovac UHV multiple targets
e-beam deposition Sputnik Al, ion milling
Bipotentiostat IPS PGU-BI 1000 for electrochemical AFM
Humidifier CellKraft P2 flow rates up to 2L/min for in situ AFM studies
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