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Multi-function Evaporator ATC 1800 HY

ATC 1800 E-gun evaporator, six crucibles, pre-cleaning

ATC 1800 eE-gun vaproator
Publicerad 2021-10-08

A new multi-function E-gun evaporator will be installed in the Albanova Nanolab during spring 2022.

The ATC 1800 HY from AJA Intl. is a multifunction evaproator using E-gun (6 kW, to deposit material from six different crucibles. Four of the crucibles can be exchanged without breaking vacuum via a separate load-lock system. The E-gun has an automated sweeper which remove the need for manually adjusting the position of the beam inside the crucible.

The system comes with a low energy ion beam, making it possible to do pre-cleaning of samples and ion bombardment during deposition. There are also two magnetron sputter guns with 3 inch targets for direct sputtering, working distance < 10 cm. The sputter guns have two power supplies, DC 1500 W and RF 600 W.

The sample holder accommodates wafers up to four inches, and has rotation, range of tilt +/- 180° and water cooling (+5 - +40° C) .

It is possible to do oxidation inside the load lock, either with a flow of oxygen or with a fixed amount.

Film thickness variation 1.5% over a four inch wafer.

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