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Cleanroom precautions

Keeping samples free of dust and grease is the aim

Thomas Frisk modelling the latest cleanroom fashion

The Nanolab is a "user friendly" cleanroom that maintains a particle count (class 10000, close to 1000) typically an order of magnitude lower than the air in the surrounding building. This is maintained via a number of precautions:

  • cleanroom clothing consisting of antistatic coat, shoes and hair cover
  • HEPA-filtered inlet air
  • overpressure compared with surrounding rooms via control of in and out airflow
  • most vacuum pumps, water circulators etc. located in service corridors
  • sticky mats at entrance to rooms
  • regular specialized cleaning

For work with vacuum systems and clean sample pieces, cleanroom gloves are worn.

These simple precautions are enough to maintain a practically sensible particle level while being convenient for users in terms of clothing.

For completely dust free handling of samples, spin-coating etc, several laminar flow benches are available both with and without exhaust for removal of solvent fumes.

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