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Albanova Nanolab  is the key resource for academic and commercial nanoscale R&D in the Stockholm area. With close to 80 unique users in 2020, a super-efficient economic model and flexible infrastructure, it offers broad-spectrum, affordable access to top-level nano-fabrication tools and processes. ANL is a part of the national network for micro- and nano-fabrication MYFAB, together with KTH-Electrum, CTH-MC2, UU-Ångström, and LU-Nanolab, and is ideally suited to basic research and high-risk innovation.

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Micro- and Nanostructure Fabrication

The Nanolab provides access to a complete toolbox for exploring and testing "top down" micro- and nanostructure fabrication. with electron beam lithography, optical lithography and focused ion beam SEM, and most necessary coating and wet and dry etching techniques.


Scanning electron microscopy, stylus and optical profilometry and our focus area of atomic force microscopy (AFM) are used to characterize the dimensional, mechanical and electrical nature of materials at the nanoscale! From materials science to life science, a wide range of samples can be studied in controlled environments, including air, liquid, controlled temperature and humidity

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