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Find links below to user departments and groups (principle investigators are indicated).


Applied Physics

Nanostructure Physics  - David Haviland, Vlad Korenivski

Biological X-Ray Physics  - Hans Hertz, Ulrich Vogt, Muhammet Toprak, Martin Wiklund, Peter Unsbo

Materials and Nano Physics  - Lech Wosinski, Jan Linnros, Min Qiu, Sergei Popov

 - Val Zwiller

Quantum Electronics and Optics  - Gunnar Björk

Laser Physics  - Fredrik Laurell, Carlota Canalias

Nonlinear Quantum Photonics  - Katia Gallo

Electrical Engineering

Micro- and Nanosystems  - Göran Stemme, Kristinn Gylfason, Anna Herland

Space and Plasma Physics  - Jon Tomas Gudmunson


Protein Technology  - My Hedhammar


Surface and Corrosion Science  - Per Claesson, Mark Rutland, Jinshan Pan

Applied Physical Chemistry  - Christofer Lendel

Stockholm University

Condensed Matter Physics  - Vladimir Krasnov

Quantum Information and Quantum Optics  - Mohamed Bourennane

X-Ray Science of Liquids and Surfaces  - Anders Nilsson

Biobased Functional Materials  - Aji Mathew

Biochemistry and Biophysics  - Astrid Gräslund

Karolinska Institute

Neuroscience - Agneta Richter-Dahlfors

Multiple projects in collaboration with MCT, MBB, BioNut, Molecular Toxicology

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