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Undergraduate studies

We give a large number of courses at all levels for engineering students. At the undergraduate level we teach basic physics, while on the Masters and graduate level our courses focus on the "bio-opto-nano" areas. In addition, we teach optics for the optometry education given at Karolinska Institutet.

We offer basic courses in classical physics including acoustics, optics, electromagnetism, waves, mechanics, experimental physics, photography and optometry/viasual optics. These courses are studied by more than 1000 students per year, primarily during years 1-2 at different We also offer advanced courses (Master level) primarily in three (out of five) tracks in the Master Programme in Engineering Physics: Optical Physics (TFYC), Nanophysics (TFYD) and Biomedical Physics (TFYE).

Belongs to: Department of Applied Physics
Last changed: Mar 05, 2019