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The Swedish King learns about Quantum Technology progress

Published Jun 03, 2019

On May 15, the King visited KTH to get updated on the recent progress in Quantum Technology. First the King was given an introductory overview of the field by Prof. Gunnar Björk, followed by project presentations by KTH physics students Nicolas Reichel and Altai Dikme, and by Ph.D. students Katarina Zeuner, Julien Zichi, and Thomas Lettner. After the presentations the King was shown Prof. Valery Zwillers lab, where different experimental research projects in quantum communication were demonstrated. The visit terminated by the King opening the KTH-Ericsson quantum link, a “dark” optical fiber where single photons can be transmitted between the Albanova building and Ericsson Research at Kista. Present at the opening were also KTH was KTH’s vice rector for research, Annika Stansson Trigell, Ericsson’s CTO Erik Ekudden, and the Ericsson quantum research team at Kista joined the lab tour by direct video link.