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Solar Power @ KTH

KTH has many active research groups in the field of solar power, including both photovoltaic and solar thermal. As a map of relevant activities and an entry point for outside contacts below a list of relevant groups is outlined together with respective research topics:

Material and Device Development

Nanomaterials for Solar Energy Harvesting

  • Semi-transparent PV: Assoc. Prof. Ilya Sychugov (
  • Color PV and antireflection coatings: Prof. Srinivasan Anand (
  • Up-conversion for near-IR energy harvesting: Dr. Haichun Liu (
ACS Photonics, 9, 2499 (2022), CC-BY

Emerging Solar Cell Technology

  • Perovskite materials for solar cells: Assoc. Prof. James Gardner (
  • Novel light-harvesting materials: Prof. Lars Kloo (
  • All-printed perovskite solar cells: Prof. Lyuba Belova (
Materials 14, 7525 (2021), CC-BY

 System Development

Photovoltaic and thermal systems

  • PV and heat pump systems: Assoc. Prof. Hatef Madani (
  • Solar thermal concentrators: Dr. Wujun Wang (
  • Large scale hybrid solar power plants: Dr. Rafael Guedez (
  • Smart buildings with PV/thermal: Dr. Sasan Sadrizadeh (
Photo by Greg Glatzmaier, NREL

 Grid integration

  • Sustainable power grids with local electricity generation and energy storage: Prof. Lina Bertling Tjernberg (
  • PV electromagnetic compatibility: Dr. Makarand Kane (

General matters:

  • KTH Research Office Responsible: Pierre Bodin (
Belongs to: Department of Applied Physics
Last changed: Oct 16, 2023