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Linnaeus Center in Advanced Optics and Photonics

Image by Miao Zhang


A cohesive academic center in optics and photonics spanning KTH, Stockholm University, and the research institute ACREO. ADOPT focuses on four promising science and technology research areas: functional optical materials, nanophotonic devices, near-field optics, and quantum information and quantum optics.
[ Image: "Finding exosomes" by Miao Zhang, from image contest ]


2019-01-31 Optopub [+]
- Christofer Silfvenlius: Regular, smart and LiFi Lighting
- Peter Bennich: Policies for energy efficient lighting
- Tour at the SEA Testlab

2018-12-06: Optopub [+]
- Max Yan: Manipulate thermal radiation using nanostructures
- Stefan Källberg: Photonics projects at RISE

2018-10-25: Optopub [+]
- Valdas Pasiskevicius: Lasers have done it again! Nobel Prize in physics 2018
- KTH-AlbaNova, FD5, at 5:30pm

2018-08-07: Kista Science Seminar [+]
- Semiconductor Nanowires for Optoelectronics Applications
- Chennupati Jagadish, Australian National University
- Faculty Lounge, Electrum, KTH-Kista, 10:30 am

2018-06-15: Licentiat seminar [+]
- Generation and detection of non-classical photon states
- Katarina Stensson
- Sal FB53, Albanova KTH, 1PM
- Opponent: Guilherme Xavier, Linköping University, Sweden


2018-09-12[14]: Northern Optics and Photonics, Lund [+]

2018-03-22[25]: ADOPT Winter School, Romme Alpin [+]

2017-10-18[19]: Optics and Photonics in Sweden [+]

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