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Incomplete list of recent publications.

L. Delemotte, "Chapter 7 : Bridging the Gap between Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Wet-lab Experimental Techniques: Applications to Membrane Proteins," in RSC Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Series, : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2021, pp. 247-286.
L. Abrami et al., "Palmitoylated acyl protein thioesterase APT2 deforms membranes to extract substrate acyl chains," Nature Chemical Biology, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 438-U173, 2021.
C. Bergh et al., "Conformational Landscapes of Ligand-Gated Ion Channel GLIC from Markov State Modeling," Biophysical Journal, vol. 120, no. 3, pp. 58A-58A, 2021.
S. Perez Conesa et al., "Informing NMR Experiments with Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Characterize the Dominant Open State of KcsA," Biophysical Journal, vol. 120, no. 3, pp. 243A-243A, 2021.
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