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The Future is Quantum – the development of Quantum Computing

Time: Tue 2023-02-21 13.00 - 14.00

Location: FD5

Participating: Professor Akira Furusawa, University of Tokyo, Professor, RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing


An emerging field of physics and engineering is quantum technology, encompassing technologies that rely on the properties of quantum mechanics. Quantum computing being one example of these technologies, representing a paradigm shift for computing technology, since it can outperform much more than existing computers. As scientific field quantum computing is interdisciplinary and seeks to understand the processing of information using quantum mechanics principles. Quantum computing is the exploitation of properties of quantum states such as superposition and entanglement to perform computation. For certain types of problems, it provides extreme superiority in computational speed compared to conventional computers. A full-scale quantum computer has not yet been developed but has great growth potential and quantum information technology is considered to be an emerging industry.

At the seminar, the possibilities and the development of quantum technologies and quantum computers for practical applications, is being discussed. Keynote speaker Professor Akira Furusawa talks about how to use optical technologies to realise quantum computers, followed by Professor Per Delsing describing how a quantum computer based on superconducting electronics is being built at Chalmers.

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Last changed: Feb 15, 2023