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AICell Lab -- Building AI Systems for Human Cell Modeling and Simulation

Time: Thu 2023-03-23 09.15

Location: FA32

Participating: Wei Ouyang, Biophysics, KTH

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The AICell Lab ( is a newly founded group by the Data-Driven Life Science fellows program at the department of applied physics at KTH. The lab is dedicated to building artificial intelligence (AI) systems for cell and molecular biology, with the ultimate goal of modeling the human cell and building human cell simulators using powerful AI models. The lab's approach to this grand challenge involves not only innovations in data analysis and modeling, but also in data generation, specifically the creation of an automated imaging farm equipped with multiple microscopes, robotic arms, liquid handling robots, and automatic incubators. The lab's AI software infrastructure enables real-time augmentation of microscopy views, generating artificial labels and annotations, and optimizing experimental conditions to capture rare events in live cells. The long-term goal of the AICell Lab is to create large-scale whole human cell models trained on existing multi-omics datasets and new data generated by the imaging farm, which have the potential to revolutionize in-silico cell experimentation and drug discovery while contributing to a holistic and systematic understanding of the human cell.

Belongs to: Department of Applied Physics
Last changed: Mar 10, 2023