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Third-cycle courses

Some reflections on courses offered by our group are published below.

2018-04-25: Photonics courses attracts “students” from industry

The close research collaboration between APHYS and industry in photonics and fiber-optical communication is also reflected in a large industrial interest in our courses. Currently five employees from Finisar Sweden AB attend the ongoing Photonics course (SK2812) and nine employees at Infinera attended the course in Fiber-optical communication (SK2811). Finisar and Infinera have also given guest lectures, arranged study visits and thesis works for the students. The Photonics course at APHYS is currently given by Max Yan, Richard Schatz and Urban Westergren. Next year the course will be re-organized for a more coherent coverage of both science and technologies of photonics. Photo shows Richard delivering his lecture on “semiconductor laser”.

Richard introduces semiconductor lasers

More on "Finishar Sweden AB" and "Infinera" Sweden branch:

Finisar Sweden AB was formed in 2011 upon successful acquisition of Syntune AB (then a subsidiary of Ignis ASA) by Finisar Corporation. The Swedish branch, with over 120 employees, is a world leader in manufacturing tunable semiconductor lasers for data- and tele-communication systems. Currently their emphasis is production of lasers for 100 Gbit/s coherent optical communication modules. Noticeably, Syntune AB was founded by several persons connected to KTH and ACREO (now RISE) at Kista. Among them Pierre-Jean Rigole obtained his PhD degree from KTH in 1997. The parent company Finisar Corporation has a broader range of photonic system and component products. Noticeably, the company has lately received hundreds of millions of dollars from Apple Inc for developing VCSELs to perfect Apple’s FaceID function on their newest Iphones.

The Swedish branch of Infinera (before 2015 Transmode) is situated in Liljeholmen, Stockholm. They are developing building blocks in next-generation high speed optical networks that support services such as broadband backhaul, mobile data backhaul, video and cloud computing. The company provides solutions to customers primarily in the metro networks segment, utilizing WDM technology for packet optical transport.

[Text by Max and Richard]