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Plasmonik och metamaterial

Project leader:


  • Polarization- and angle-resolved reflection/transmission/absorption measurement system at visible and NIR, with heated ambient temperature.
  • Supercontinuum source
  • Thermal camera (FLIR A655sc)

Recent results:

  1. M. Yan, "Complex-k modes of plasmonic chain waveguides," arXiv, preprint arXiv:1902.04500 (2019).
  2. J Dai, F Ding, SI Bozhevolnyi, M Yan, "Ultrabroadband super-Planckian radiative heat transfer with artificial continuum cavity states in patterned hyperbolic metamaterials," Physical Review B 95, 245405 (2017).
  3. J Dai, SA Dyakov, SI Bozhevolnyi, M Yan, "Near-field radiative heat transfer between metasurfaces: A full-wave study based on two-dimensional grooved metal plates," Physical Review B 94, 125431 (2016).
  4. J. Dai, S. A. Dyakov, M. Yan, “Radiative heat transfer between two dielectric-filled metal gratings,” Phys. Rev. B 93, 155403 (2016).
  5. J. Dai, S. A. Dyakov, M. Yan, “Enhanced near-field radiative heat transfer between corrugated metal plates: Role of spoof surface plasmon polaritons,” Phys. Rev. B 92, 035419 (2015).
  6. M. Yan, J. Dai, and M. Qiu, Lithography-free broadband visible light absorber based on a mono-layer of gold nanoparticles, J. Opt. 16, 025002 (2014). [Paper of the week; Journal’s Featured Article; Cover Image; Highlights of 2014].
  7.  J. Dai, F. Ye, Y. Chen, M. Muhammed, M. Qiu, and M. Yan, “Light absorber based on nano-spheres on a substrate reflector,” Opt. Express 21, 6697 (2013).
  8. M. Yan, “Metal-insulator-metal light absorber: a continuous structure,” J. Opt. 15, 025006 (2013).


  • "Revisiting incandescence: Thermal radiation from nanostructured surface", VR (Swedish Research Council), 2017-2021, 3.2 MSEK, main applicant - Max Yan
  • "Harnessing photothermal effect in plasmonic systems", VR (Swedish Research Council), 2012-2016, 3 MSEK, starting grant, main applicant - Max Yan
  • "Enhanced transmission and absorption with plasmonic and metamaterial
    nanostructures", VR (Swedish Research Council), 2011-2014, 4.5 MSEK
  • "Cylindrical invisibility cloaks by coordinate transformation", ESA (European Space Agency), 2008.
  •  Others: Linnaeus Center ADOPT on "Nanophotonic components" ('09-'18, ~0.65 MSEK/year)
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