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WACQT Stockholm Lab course

Quantum information processing with photons and ions

Location: AlbaNova University Centrum in Stockholm

Teachers: Katia Gallo (KTH), Ali Elshaari (KTH) and Markus Hennrich (SU)

Dates: November 2021, 22-24

For your hands-on experimental activity in Stockholm, you will able to choose one of the following labs :

  • Lab1: Single-photon emitters -, <link to local webpage>
  • Lab2: Fundamentals of quantum optics -, <link to local webpage>
  • Lab3: Magneto-optical trap -, <link to local webpage>


A link to the lab booking system will appear < here>  on the 1st of November. Each lab session will have at most 4 students.


Nov 01-05

Lab booking (online) <link above>

Nov 08-20

Preparation quizzes and other material on <Lab1, Lab2, Lab3 subpages>

Nov 22/AM

Travel to Stockholm

Nov 22/noon

Arrival/Reception – Introduction lecture & practicalities

Nov 22/PM




Site visit

Group activity

Nov 23/AM

Group activity

Site visit




Nov 23/PM

Preparation of presentations /group activity

Nov 24/AM

Student presentations (30 min per group incl. questions)

Departure from Stockholm

Teaching and learning activities

  • Preparatory material: online videos, lab instructions, home tasks/quizzes (available on lab subpages)
  • On-site introduction (presentation of lab modules, exam and practicalities ~20 min)
  • Three experimental setups will be made available simultaneously during Day 1 (afternoon) and Day 2 (morning).
  • The Lab activity takes 4 hours (8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm). Each Lab is unique and the groups will focus on different aspects of quantum information processing and sensing, with light and/or ions
  • Each group of students has to prepare and deliver on Day 3 (morning) a scientific presentation on the results of their lab activities.
  • All students have to attend the presentations and participate to the ensuing discussions.

Assessment and feedback

Lab preparations and quizzes: Having studied the introductory material made available online prior to the lab and having taken all the associated quizzes/tasks by the specified deadline are prerequisites to perform the labs on site.

Student presentations: Each group shall present its work to all the students in a 20 minutes talk, followed by a 10 minutes Q&A session, where the rest of the students will provide formative feedback and constructive criticism.

Lab report: Following the completion of the lab and feeback on its presentation, each group shall write a short report, resembling a small research paper, and submit it to the lab teachers, who will provide a summative assessment and feedback. The scale is Pass/Fail

To pass the module all 3 assignments (quiz, talk, and lab report) have to be passed.

Additional activities

More information coming up in November (watch this space)

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