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Silicon- and plasmonics-based photonic integration

Project leader:


  • Complete characterisation setup for integrated Si-photonic and plasmonic circuits, including tunable lasers, grating coupler system, and optical spectrum analyzer.
  • Pockel-cell pulse picker system
  • Digital signal generator and osilloscope
  • CW lasers at visible and NIR
  • Supercontinuum source, and other white light sources at various power levels

Recent results:

  1. Y. Zhang, X. Ren, D. Liu, M. Yan, and M. Zhang, "Inverse design of compact digital nanophotonic power dividers with arbitrary power ratios using modified adjoint method," to be presented in CLEO/Europe (2019).
  2. X. Sun, X. Chen, M. Yan, M. Qiu, L. Thylen, L. Wosinski, “All-optical switching using a hybrid plasmonic donut resonator with photothermal absorber,” Photon. Technol. Lett. 28, 1609 (2016).
  3. H. Gong, X. Chen, Y. Qu, Q. Li, M. Yan, M. Qiu, "Photothermal switching based on silicon Mach–Zehnder interferometer integrated with light absorber," IEEE Photon. J. 8, 7802610 (2016).
  4. Y. Shi, X. Chen, F. Lou, Y. Chen, M. Yan, M. Qiu, "All-optical-switching in silicon disk resonator based on photothermal effect of metal-insulator-metal absorber," Opt. Lett. 39, 4431 (2014).
  5. X. Chen, Y. Shi, F. Lou, Y. Chen, M. Yan, L. Wosinski, M. Qiu, "Photothermally tunable silicon-microring-based optical add-drop filter through integrated light absorber," Opt. Express 22, 25233 (2014).


  • "Ultra-low-loss, compact, and tunable silicon photonics for on-chip optical interconnects", STINT (The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education), 2019-2021, 0.6 MSEK, main applicant - Max Yan
  • “Hybrid plasmonic components with gain for optical interconnects”, VR (Swedish Research Council), 2016-2019, 3.4 MSEK, main applicant - Lech Wosinski
  • "Harnessing photothermal effect in plasmonic systems", VR (Swedish Research Council), 2012-2016, 3 MSEK, starting grant, main applicant - Max Yan
  •  Others: Linnaeus Center ADOPT on "Nanophotonic components" ('09-'18, ~0.65 MSEK/year)
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