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Breakthrough: Beyond 300 Gbit/s optical communication speed

Published Jan 21, 2021

Beyond 300 Gbit/s communication speed achieved as a result from collaboration with Finisar.

A collaboration between Finisar and KTH has yielded directly modulated lasers with more than 65 GHz modulation bandwidth [1, 2]. This is the highest modulation bandwidth achieved for monolithic InGaAsP/InP lasers. A side mode was utilized to extend the modulation bandwidth beyond that of conventional semiconductor lasers; a technique that was discovered and pioneered by KTH in the 1990's [3]. Experiments performed at Nokia Bell Labs demonstrates that the lasers can be used for data transmission beyond 300 Gbit/s, using novel multi-level modulation formats. Another benefit is that they are also tolerant to back reflections and can be used without optical isolator, which facilitates their use in optical transceivers in datacenters.

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