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SSF financed research

The central theme of this project is innovative research and development in laser-based material processing and synthesis. The project is funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)  [Project RMA15‐0135 ] and is a collaborative project between KTH, NTNU  and Rise Acreo.

Research activities includes special emphasis on 3D-printing/additive manufacturing of glass, and fabrication and processing of semiconductor-core glass-clad optical fibers. The initial phase of the project has dealt with setting up infrastructure and developing state-of-the-art processing equipment.

This page will be updated when new results are available.

The lab resources are a part of the Albanova Laser Lab, member of the Stockholm node of LaserLab Sweden .

Work relating to glass 3D printing and fabrication of semiconductor-core preforms and fiber is ongoing.

Currently one of our main resources and processing capabilities include: High resolution CO2-laser based processing of optical fibers. The fully computerized system is based on a stabilized CO2-laser (Synrad ti100SW-HS, Pmax= 100 W @ 10.6 µm) together with high-resolution Aerotech stages (ALS130 Series) for fiber positioning and laser beam scanning. Contact person: Michel Fokine