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New staff at APhys

Information page with checklists and files of importance for new students and employees.

Checklist for supervisor/group responsible/head of section:

How-to checklist introduction new staff: Checklist introduction (original MS Word file) (docx 69 kB) Check list introduction (pdf 116 kB)

Ethical policy for KTH:

Various ethical policies can be found here:


Entrance card and keys to AlbaNova: Entrance card and key to AlbaNova application (pdf 55 kB)


Mailbox and telephone: Mailbox and phone application (pdf 25 kB)

Mobile phone: Policy för mobiltelefoner Tillämpad fysik (pdf 112 kB)

KTH email account: Instructions and map to IT Support center (docx 305 kB)

Code of conduct and Environment:

All employees shall go through the code of conduct document with the head of department. Click here for swedish (pdf 59 kB)  or english (pdf 58 kB) .

All employees shall attend the environment course given by KTH.


Fill out the form with NICE or ICE names and numbers template. The form with automatically be sent to Applied Physics administrator (click on the link): In case of emergency

Vid avslut:

Checklist for keys, cards etc when leaving the department: Checklista avslut (orginalfil svenska) (docx 18 kB)

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Last changed: Mar 05, 2019