Money and reimbursements

Forms for reimbursements and credit card usage

Form for reimbursement for non-swedish citizen:
(This form is primarily used for opponents, lecturers etc)

Reimbursement form (doc 100 kB)

Reimbursement form (pdf 51 kB)

Form for reimbursement for personal expenditure (ersättning för personlig utgift):

(Use this when you have used your own money to buy stuff to your lab. Check with supervisor before you buy though.)

Reimbursement form for swedish citizens as .pdf (pdf 263 kB)

Reimbursement form for swedish citizens as .doc (doc 345 kB)

Please fill in the form with this specific information:

  • Name and surename
  • Date of birth
  • Our school (SCI-school) or if you belongs to another school please fill in that
  • Total amount
  • The date you bought the things
  • Verification text - short text that tells what you have bought
  • Organization unit
  • Project number
  • Approver - yourself
  • Economic approver: supervisor/professor/manager
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