MSc courses

(2011-2019) Quantum Electronics with Electro Optics ( SK2400 - courseweb ), course responsible, teacher

(2011-2019) Electro Optics ( SK2401 courseweb ), course responsible, teacher 

(2013) Optical Physics (SK2300), course responsible, teacher (2013)

PhD courses

Seminar Course in Applied Physics (one year) (SK3001), examiner

Seminar Course in Applied Physics (two years) (SK3002), examiner

(2011-2019) Quantum Electronics (SK3600), examiner

Doctoral Program in Applied Physics

Director: Prof. K. Gallo

Link to webpages of the Applied Physics PhD program

Undergraduate courses

Electromagnetism and Waves (SK1115), course responsible, teacher (2016-2017)