Introduction to Scanning Probe Microscopy SK3740

SK3740 is the course code for PhD students.  This course has the same lectures and labs as the Masters course SK2740 .  The schedule can be found in the KTH scheduler for SK2740.  PhD studnets should fulfill all requirements for SK2740, and the additional requirment of short a literature review of an SPM technique relating to their research project. 

PhD students who want to get credit for the course need to get clearance from their advisor, that they will pay a fee (currently 12,500 SEK)  to cover machine time for the AFM's in the Albanova Nanolab.  The fee is not charged for current members of the Albanova Nanolab who are paying the quarterly fee.  The course fee can be credited toward one quarter paymement of the Nanolab yearly fee (currently 55 kSEK).  To register, send an e-mail to Prof. Haviland and let him know that you have spoken to your advisor, and you understand that you will be charged for the course.

External, non-KTH people, for example from Industry or Reserach Institutes, may also take the cousre for twice the KTH fee (currently 25,000 SEK).