PhD Theses

2017 Gustav Lindgren Studies on Domain Wall Properties and Dynamics in KTiOPO4 and Rb-doped KTiOPO4 (pdf 2.5 MB)
  Sebastián Etcheverry Advanced all-fiber optofluidic devices.pdf (pdf 7.2 MB)
  Charlotte Liljestrand Advanced nano- and microdomain engineering of Rb-doped KTiOPO4 for nonlinear optical applications (pdf 3.4 MB)
2015 Patrik Holmberg Laser processing of Silica based glass 
  Staffan Tjörnhammar Properties of Volume Bragg Gratings and Nonlinear Crystals for Laser Engineering
  Peter Zeil Tailored fiber lasers and their use in nonlinear optics
2014 Nicky Thilmann Highly efficient optical parametric oscillators in the mid-IR
  Andrius Zukauskas QPM Devises in KTA and RKTP (pdf 5.4 MB)
2013 Kai Seger Compact solid-state lasers in the near-infrard and visible spectral range (pdf 7.8 MB)
  Patrik Rugeland Monolithic Interferometers Using Gemini Fiber
  Niels Meiser Novel Technologies for Mode-Locking of Solid-State Lasers (pdf 7.0 MB)
  Martin Levenius Optical Parametric Devices in Periodically Poled LiTaO3 (pdf 3.8 MB)
2012 Gustav Strömqvist Nonlinear response in engineered optical materials (pdf 3.1 MB)
  Mikael Malmström All-fiber modulators for laser applications (pdf 18.9 MB)
2010 Markus Henriksson Tandem optical parametric oscillators using volume Bragg grating spectral control (pdf 1.3 MB)
2009 Pär Jelger High performance fiber lasers with spectral, thermal and lifetime control (pdf 1.7 MB)
2008 Björn Jacobsson Spectral control of lasers and optical parametric oscillators with volume Bragg gratings (pdf 1.6 MB)
  Jonas Hellström On diode-pumped Yb and Er-Yb solid-state lasers (pdf 1.8 MB)
2006 Stefan Holmgren Short Pulses in engineered nonlinear media (pdf 1.9 MB)
  Sandra Johansson Concepts for compact solid-state lasers in the visible and UV (pdf 2.2 MB)
  Junji Hirohashi Characterization of domain switching and optical damage properties in ferroelectrics (pdf 4.6 MB)
  Mikael Tiihonen Spectral management in quasi-phase-matched parametric devices (pdf 3.6 MB)
  Simonetta Grilli Ferroelectric domain engineering and characterization for photonic applications (pdf 5.3 MB)
2005 Stefan Bjurshagen Diode-pumped rare-earth-doped quasi-three-level lasers (pdf 1.4 MB)
  Anna Fragemann Optical parametric amplification with periodically poled KTiOPO4 (pdf 2.9 MB)
  Shunhua Wang Fabrication and characterization of periodically poled KTP and Rb-doped KTP for applications in the visible and UV (pdf 1.9 MB)
  Carlota Canalias Domain engineering in KTiOPO4 (pdf 8.0 MB)
  Niklas Myrén Poled fiber devices (pdf 4.4 MB)
2004 Stefan Spiekermann Compact diode-pumped solid-state lasers (pdf 2.5 MB)
2003 Gunnar Karlsson Diode-pumped lasers for eye-safe applications
2001 Jonas Hellström Nanosecond optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers based on periodically poled KTiOPO4 (pdf 2.2 MB)
  Göran Hansson Studies on coherent mid-infrared solid state sources for lidar and countermeasure applications
1999 Håkan Karlsson Fabrication of periodically poled crystals from the KTP family and their applications in nonlinear optics (pdf 644 kB)
1994 Henrik Åhlfeldt Proton-exchanged lithium tantalate for guided-wave nonlinear optics
1992 Jonas Webjörn Quasi-phase-matching waveguides for optical second-harmonic generation
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