Miscellaneous publications

Publications in popular magazines, non-peer reviewed magazines, comments etc.


Nonlinear optics: Engineering Airy beams V. Pasiskevicius Nature Photonics 3, 374, (2009)


Spatial solitons in two-dimensional lattices of a nonlinear nature G. Assanto, K. Gallo, A. Pasquazi, S. Stivala Optics and Photonics News 19, 28, (2008)
  Yb-Fiber Laser is Efficiently Pumped at an Oblique Angle   Photonics Spectra Feb. (2008)
  Volume Bragg Grating Narrows Parametric Oscillator’s Output   Photonics Spectra Jan. (2008)


Mirror, mirror, not at all


Laser Focus World, Oct. (2007)

Optical parametric oscillator: Mirrorless magic

  Nature Photonics 1, 446 (2007)

Who needs mirrors?

  Nature Photonics 1, 484 (2007)


Bragg Grating Reduces OPO Bandwidth by Factor of 20
  Photonics Spectra Oct. (2005)


Fiber Laser Offers New Approach to 488-nm Emission   Photonics Spectra June (2004)
Compact, Efficient Blue Laser Utilizes Periodically Poled KTP
  Photonics Spectra Jan. (2004)

Polymer is foundation for Nd:YAG laser

  Laser Focus World Jan. (2004)


Minilaser Is Tunable, Single-Frequency Source at 1.5 µm
  Photonics Spectra Oct. (2003)


Poled glasses W. Margulis, F. C. Garcia, E. N. Hering, L.C. Guedes Valente, B. Lesche, F. Laurell, I. C. S. Carvalho MRS Bulletin, 23, 31 (1998)
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