Master theses

2015 Chang Liu Domain Wall Characterization in Sub- mm Period Ferroelectric Crystals by Čerenkov Second Harmonic Generation (pdf 5.0 MB)
  Erik Ekerot Dual Detectors for Specific Gas Detection and Quantification
  Anne-Laure Mussio Airborne Electro-optical system; Simulation of the Behavior of a High-performance Optronics Sight to Validate the Principle of its use
  Joakim Sjunnebo Hyperspectral imaging for gas detection (pdf 3.5 MB)
  Magnus Linderoth Development of a Seasoning and Screening Procedure for X-ray Tubes (pdf 446 kB)
  Finn Klemming Eklöf Laser source for multiple wavelength interferometry (pdf 2.0 MB)
  Cyrille Solaro Trapping Ultracold Atoms in a Superlattice (pdf 4.7 MB)
2014 Robert Lindberg Experimental and numerical study of a high-repetition rate Yb-fiber amplifier source (pdf 1.1 MB)
  Robert Hurra Narrow Linewidth All-fiber Cavity Thulium Fiber Laser at 2 μm (pdf 1.7 MB)
  Pavel Delgado-Goroun Nonlinear carbon structures for mode-locking of fiber lasers (pdf 4.2 MB)
  Oscar Frick Setup to build a fluorescent protein laser based on FRET and the construction of a 515 nm pump laser (pdf 8.1 MB)
  Valerio Masetroni Study of Blue-Light-Induced Infrared Absorption in KTiOPO4 and Its Isomorphs (pdf 4.3 MB)
  Arezoo Ghannadian Study of High Temperature Decay Mechanisms of Fiber Bragg Gratings (pdf 535 kB)
  Karl Åkerblom Investigations of Single Longitudinal Mode and Frequency Stability in Standing Wave and Unidirectional Cavity Lasers (pdf 1.0 MB)
  Gautier Vilmart Modification of Solids with Ultrashort Pulses: Time Resolved Spectroscopy (pdf 7.1 MB)
  Anne-Lise Viotti Efficient Generation and Characterization of Soft X-ray by Laser-Driven High-order Harmonic Generation (pdf 10.0 MB)
  Arnaud Dumas Expected Performances for a 2 mm Differential Absorption Lidar using new HgCdTe Avalanche Photodiodes (pdf 1.0 MB)


Hanna Al-Maawali In-Machine Planarity Measurements of a Large Micro Mirror Array (pdf 1.4 MB)
  Marcello Graziosi Optical Fibers for measuring High Voltages (pdf 7.7 MB)
  Tommaso Stefano Carzaniga Fiber Bragg Gratings for material characterization towards chiral gratings fabrication (pdf 2.0 MB)
  Hoda Kianirad Contact Poling of RKTP with Silicon Needles (pdf 4.6 MB)
  Howard Andersson Establishing Measurement Method of a Large OMEMS and Investigation for Global Planarity Improvements (pdf 5.7 MB)
  Hammad Anwer Optical Trapping of Synthetic Diamond Particles Doped with Nitrogen Ions (pdf 1.5 MB)


Ashraf Mohamedelhassan Fabrication of Ridge Waveguides in Lithium Niobate (pdf 2.3 MB)
  Charlotte Liljestrand Spatial mode engineering in mid-infrared optical p (pdf 1.4 MB)
  Sandrine van Frank Investigation of a 3D camera (pdf 1.9 MB)


Patrik Holmberg Structuring of glass using ultra short near infrared laser pulses (pdf 5.3 MB)
  Tanzil Khan Development of a fiber-based, optofluidic system for bioanalysis (pdf 2.4 MB)
  Peter Rentshler Fibre laser array for power scaling of a line-beam source (pdf 1.5 MB)
  Tangmeng Wang Evaluating the quality of different lenses used in the existing eye tracking optical system
  Michele Manzo Influence of selective proton exchange on periodically poled lithium niobate (pdf 4.0 MB)
  Staffan Tjörnhammar Pulsed Yb:KYW laser and UV generation (pdf 1.7 MB)
  Hoon Jang SESAM design and characterization (pdf 2.5 MB)


Özlem Gürel Development of a UV source based on frequency quadrupling of a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser (pdf 1.9 MB)
  Patrik Rugeland Tunable phaseshifted fiber Bragg gratings and its applications in the microwave region (pdf 1.4 MB)
  Andreas Eriksson High power fiber coupling for solid state laser pumping (pdf 1.2 MB)


Hanna Henricsson  Polarization-tunable Yb:KGW laser using internal conical refraction

Antoine Loriette

Monolithic Interferometer in twin optical fibers (pdf 9.0 MB)
  Jimmy Johansson Construction of a solid-state RGB laser (pdf 5.4 MB)
  Mats Nordlöf Nonlinear photonic crystals in KTiOPO4 (pdf 2.9 MB)
  Patrik Brynolfsson Accurate lifetime measurements using confocal microscopy (pdf 4.6 MB)


Ida Häggström Monolithic single longitudinal mode Nd-laser using a volume Bragg grating (pdf 4.5 MB)
  Stefano Bertani Tunable laser diodes for oxygen sensing (pdf 2.4 MB)


Pär Jelger UV light source for ozone detection 


Marcus Alm Frequency doubling of a laser diode
  Magnus Lindblom Synchronously pumped picosecond optical parametric oscillator


Mikael Tiihonen Stretched pulse generation in erbium-doped fibre ring laser (pdf 595 kB)


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