Biomedical & X-Ray Physics

We apply physical methods and technology to solve problems in biology, medicine, and materials science. Our research spans from x-ray sources, optics and systems to ultrasonics and visual optics. We teach courses in physics, optics, visual optics and microscopy.

Head of the section: Prof. Hans Hertz  

Cellular Biophysics

Our laboratory is a multidisciplinary combination of the Cellular Biophysics research group from KTH and the Pediatric Cell and Molecular Biology group from KI. The laboratory is located in the Science for Life Laboratory. We use an interdisciplinary and translational approach to address questions of high medical relevance. Our biomedical emphasis is on the molecular origin of diseases. Our biophysical emphasis is on cellular biophysics, advanced light microscopy and nanobiophotonics - nanoscopy.

Head of the section: Prof. Hjalmar Brismar

Optics and Photonics

Optics and photonics have contributed, and will still contribute critically to the modern information society due to the high transmission speed and the abundant spectral bandwidth of light. We conduct research and education over topics ranging from basic physical investigation of emerging optical materials (including plasmonic materials, novel polymers, and metamaterials), to semiconductor optics, silicon photonics, and optical communication, towards applications like lighting, detectors, spectroscopy, sensors, high-speed photonic circuits, and even solar-energy harvesting.

Head of Section: Saulius Marcinkevicius

Quantum Electronics and Quantum Optics

The research at the Laboratory of Quantum Electronics and Quantum Optics focuses on quantum mechanical phenomena. We explore the physical limitations of electronics and optics and try to harness the opportunities quantum systems offer in information processing.

Head of the section: Prof. Gunnar Björk

Quantum Nano Photonics

The Quantum Nano Photonics group is part of the   Department of Applied Physics at the   School of Engineering Sciences. We are located at the  Albanova University Center.

Head of the section: Prof. Valery Zwiller 

Laser Physics

The Laser physics group is doing research on optical materials, lasers and coherent light sources. A long term vision is that part of the research should have a practical impact. In other words, we would like to develop technology and materials that can lead to more efficient and better light sources.

Head of the section: Prof. Fredrik Laurell  

Functional Materials

The emerging field of nanoscience and nanotechnology is leading to a disruptive technological revolution. Nanotechnology promises potential to influence our future with diverse applications in consumer goods, electronics, computers, information and biotechnology, aerospace defense, energy, environment, and medicine. Practically all sectors of the economy is expected to be profoundly influenced by nanotechnology in the very near future.

Head of Section: Joydeep Dutta

Experimental Biomolecular Physics

The group activities are directed towards the interdisciplinary field between physics, biology and medicine. We are primarily focussed on ultrasensitive and ultrahigh resolution fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging, where the possibility to detect, identify and characterize biomolecules and biomolecular interactions down to a single molecule level opens exciting perspectives in diagnostics, screening methodologies, and for fundamental dynamic and conformational studies of biomolecules.

Head of the the section: Prof. Jerker Widengren

Nanostructure Physics

The Nanostructure physics group is doing research on nonlinear oscillators, atomic force microscopy and Josephson junctions. We also study nanomagnetism and spin-electronics as well as nanostructured bio-functional surfaces.

Head of the section: Prof. David Haviland

Material Physics

The Materials Physics groups perform basic and applied research in the areas of surface physics, strongly correlated systems, spintronics, and nanosilicon.

Head of Section: Oscar Tjernberg

Semiconductor Materials

The Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials carries out research and education in the area of materials, structures and devices needed for advanced photonic and electronic applications.

Head of Section: Sebastian Lourdudoss

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