Master's Degree Project in Applied Physics (30 hp)

Examensarbete, Masternivå 30 hp, vid Institutionen för Tillämpad Fysik

Here both students and teachers will find information about Master degree projects in Applied Physics. This information is valid for the second cycle (Master level) projects.

Detailed instruction: new version coming soon ...

To be registered for a degree project, start by downloading and print out this form:
Examensarbetesansökan 170621.pdf (pdf 99 kB)

Once you have found a suitable project and examinor, fill out the registration form together and submit it to the director of undergraduate studies Ulrich Vogt.

To report a finished degree project, use this form:
Grading Report SK202X.pdf (pdf 70 kB)

The form is filled in by the examiner and then submitted to the student office together with the full-text electronic report. The full-text report is then either archived or published in DIVA, depending on the student's choice (see "detailed instruction" above).

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