Undergraduate level education

At the undergraduate level, we offer basic courses in classical physics including acoustics, optics, electromagnetism, waves, mechanics, experimental physics, photography and optometry/viasual optics. These courses are studied by more than 1000 students per year, primarily during years 1-2 at different civ.ing.-programs.

We also offer advanced courses (Master level) primarily in three (out of five) tracks in the Master Programme in Engineering Physics (TTFYM):

Track: Optical Physics (TFYC)
Track: Nanophysics (TFYD)
Track: Biomedical Physics (TFYE)

We offer degree projects in engineering and applied physics:

Candidate Degree Project in Engineering Physics ("KEX-jobb"), 15 hp
This degree project is studied during the spring term in year 3 (civ.ing. programs).

Master Degree project in Applied Physics ("Exjobb"), 30 hp
This degree project is studied during the last year (year 5, civ.ing. programs; year 2, Master program).

A full list of courses given by the Dept. of Applied Physics is found here:

Contact information to people working with teaching administration at the department:
Contact information

We have a template from central SCI teaching administration which should be used when enrolling students to a Master project. Please give a filled out document to the 'studierektor' for signing, then it will be handed over to the student administration for registration in the system.

Exjobbsansökan (pdf 99 kB)

Note that all faculty at Applied Physics can act as examiner on our main Master course SK202X. However, thesis supervisor must be a different person than the examiner.

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