X-Ray Optics and Nano imaging

Our research

Senior scientist: Ulrich Vogt

X-ray imaging with x-ray nanobeams [1] is one of the most rapidly developing areas at synchrotron radiation and x-ray free-electron laser facilities around the world. Exciting applications of these nanobeams, i.e., x-ray radiation focused to very small spot sizes in the 10 – 100 nm range, can be found in many fields of science. The unique quality of x-ray nanobeam imaging is the opportunity for direct in-situ and in-operandi experiments exploring very challenging physical environments and giving direct correlation between structure and physical properties.

We design and manufacture diffractive zone plate optics with diffraction-limited resolution in the 10 – 100 nm range [2, 3] for nanobeam imaging in the soft and hard x-ray range. Together with partners from Lund University we built the NanoMAX beamline  and a zone-plate-based x-ray microscope at the Swedish synchrotron source MAX IV. The long term goal is 3D x-ray imaging experiments on the 10 nm resolution level. We also develop novel methods for characterization and improvement of x-ray optics [4, 5, 6].

Zone plate structures manufactured with metal-assisted chemical etching of silicon and different etching conditions (a) - (c). More details can be found in Ref. 3.


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