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PhD Thesis 1996-

Karl Olofsson, Ph.D. Thesis, "Acoustic manipulation for cell and spheroid cellomics", TRITA-SCI-FOU-2021:24 (2021)

Ilian Häggmark, Ph.D. Thesis, "Phase-Contrast X-Ray Imaging of Complex Objects", TRITA-SCI-FOU-2021:03 (2021)

Rabia Akan, Ph.D. Thesis, "Metal-assisted chemical etching for nanofabrication of hard X-ray zone plates", TRITA-SCI-FOU-2021:09 (2021)

Jenny Romell, Ph.D. Thesis, "Virtual histology by laboratory x-ray phase-contrast tomography", TRITA-SCI-FOU-2021:07 (2021)

Petros Papadogiannis, Ph.D. Thesis, "Myopia control and peripheral vision", TRITA-SCI-FOU-2020.49 (2021)

Dmitry Romashchenko, Ph. D. Thesis "Peripheral Optics of the Human Eye: Applied Wavefront Analysis", TRITA-SCI-FOU-2020.46 (2021)

Yuyang Li, Ph. D. Thesis "Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoprobes for X-Ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography (XFCT) Bio-imaging", TRITA-SCI-FOU-2020.36 (2020)

Mikael Kördel, Ph. D. Thesis "Biological Laboratory X-Ray Microscopy", TRITA-SCI-FOU-2020.11 (2020)

William Twengström, Ph. D. Thesis "High-resolution biomedical phase-contrast tomography", TRITA-SCI-FOU-2018.34 (2018)

Jakob Larsson, Ph. D. Thesis "Laboratory X-Ray Fluorescence Tomography", TRITA-SCI-FOU-2018.16 (2018)

Karolis Parfeniukas, Ph. D. Thesis "High-Aspect Ratio Nanofabrication for Hard X-ray Zone Plates", TRITA-SCI-FOU-2018.09 (2018)

Emelie Fogelqvist, Ph. D. Thesis "Laboratory Soft X-Ray Cryo Microscopy: Source, System and Bio Applications", TRITA-FYS-2017.21 (2017)

Tunhe Zhou, Ph. D. Thesis "Laboratory x-ray phase-contrast imaging: methods and comparisons", TRITA-FYS-2016.63 (2016)

Abinaya Priya Venkataraman, Ph. D. Thesis "Vision Beyond the Fovea: Evaluation and Stimuli Properties", TRITA-FYS-2016.57 (2016) 

Simon Winter, Ph. D. Thesis "Transverse Cromatic Aberration and Vision: Quantification and Impact Across the Visual Field", TRITA-FYS-2016.19 (2016) 

Mårten Selin, Ph. D. Thesis "3D X-ray microscopy: image formation, tomography and instrumentation", TRITA-FYS-2016.15 (2016)

Mathias Ohlin, Ph. D. Thesis "Ultrasonic Fluid and Cell Manipulation", TRITA-FYS-2015.24 (2015)

Ida Sadat Iranmanesh, Ph. D. Thesis "On chip Ultrasonic Sample Preparation", TRITA-FYS-2015.21 (2015)

Daniel Larsson, Ph. D. Thesis "Small-Animal Imaging with Liquid-Metal-Jet X-Ray Sources", TRITA-FYS-2015.19 (2015)

Athanasia Christakou, Ph.D. Thesis "Ultrasound-assisted interactions of natural killer cells with cancer cells and solid tumors", TRITA-FYS-2014.79 (2015)

Fredrik Uhlén, Ph.D. Thesis "Nanofabrication of Zone Plates for Hard X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers", TRITA-FYS-2014.77 (2015)

Ulf Lundström, Ph.D. Thesis "Phase-Contrast X-Ray Carbon Dioxide Angiography", TRITA-FYS-2013.70 (2014)

Daniel Nilsson, Ph.D. Thesis "Zone Plates for Hard X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers", TRITA-FYS-2013.14 (2013)

Robert Rosén, Ph.D. Thesis "Peripheral Vision: Adaptive Optics and Psychophysics", TRITA-FYS-2013:08 (2013)

Julia Reinspach, Ph.D. Thesis "High-Resolution Nanostructuring for Soft X-Ray Zone-Plate Optics", TRITA-FYS 2011:55 (2011)

Michael Bertilson, Ph.D. Thesis "Laboratory Soft X-Ray Microscopy and Tomography" TRITA-FYS 2011:03 (2011)

Olov von Hofsten, Ph.D. Thesis "Phase-Contrast and High-Resolution Optics for X-Ray Microscopy" TRITA-FYS 2010:72 (2010)

Jessica Svennebring, Ph.D. Thesis "Ultrasonic Handling of Living Cells in Microfluidic Systems" TRITA-FYS 2009:56 (2009)

Otto Manneberg, Ph.D. Thesis "Multidimensional Ultrasonic Standing Wave Manipulation in Microfluidic Chips" TRITA-FYS-2009:44 (2009)

Magnus Lindblom, Ph.D. Thesis "Nanofabrication of Diffractive Soft X-ray Optics" TRITA-FYS-2008:57 (2008)

Tomi Tuohimaa, Ph.D. Thesis "Liquid-Jet Target-Microfocus X-Ray Sources: Electron Guns, Optics and Phase-Contrast Imaging" TRITA-FYS 2008:21 (2008)

Linda Lundström, Ph.D. Thesis "Wavefront Aberrations and Peripheral Vision" TRITA-FYS-2007:34 (2007)

Per Takman, Ph.D. Thesis "Compact Soft X-Ray Microscopy: Sources, Optics and Instrumentation" TRITA-FYS-2007:25 (2007)

Heide Stollberg, Ph.D. Thesis "Compact Soft X-Ray Microscopy: Image Processing and Instrumentation" TRITA-FYS-2006:60 (2006)

Mikael Otendahl, Ph.D. Thesis "A Compact High-Brightness Liquid-Metal-Jet X-Ray Source" TRITA-FYS-2006:36 (2006)

Anders Holmberg, Ph.D. Thesis "Nanofabrication of Zone Plate Optics for Compact Soft X-Ray Microscopy" TRITA-FYS-2006:41 (2006)

Martin Wiklund, Ph.D. Thesis "Ultrasonic Enrichment of Microparticles in Bioaffinity Assays" TRITA-FYS-2004:14 (2004)

Oscar Hemberg, Ph.D. Thesis "Compact Liquid-Jet X-Ray Sources" TRITA-FYS-2004:4 (2004)

Björn Hansson, Ph.D. Thesis "Laser-Plasma Sources for Extreme-Ultraviolet Lithography" TRITA-FYS-2003:56 (2003)

Göran Johansson, Ph.D. Thesis "Compact soft x-ray microscopy" TRITA-FYS-2003:15 (2003)

Magnus Berglund, Ph.D. Thesis "A compact soft x-ray microscope based on a laser-plasma source" TRITA-FYS-4102 (10/1999)

Lars Rymell, Ph.D. Thesis "A new laser-plasma x-ray source for microscopy and lithography", Lund Reports on Atomic Physics LRAP-214 (05/1997).

Lars Malmqvist, Ph.D. Thesis "New laser-based techniques for nanometre lithography and microscopy", Lund Reports on Atomic Physics LRAP
206 (12/1996)

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