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Diploma works

Past diploma works at BIOX. For full texts see diva-portal



Caroline Dahlqvist Coherent x-ray scattering of CsCl solutions
Komang Arsana Improving the resolution of the Stockholm laboratory x-ray microscope by analyzing and reducing vibrations
Johanna Kilegran Correction of cupping artifacts in localized laboratoryphase-contrast CT
Pontus Cronqvist Chemistry of Ascorbic Acid Reduction of Graphene Oxide; Reduction of Graphene Oxide in Solution and Film
Syed Zulfiqar Hussain Shah Fabrication and Evaluation of Solution Processed Thermoelectric Thin Films
Giovanni Marco Saladino Superparamagnetic Hybrid Microspheres as a Reliable Platform for Bio-functionalization
Nicoletta Paladino Nanomaterials for the consolidation of iron-tannate dyes
Alexander Eneborg Improvement and Characterization of Aqueous Graphene Dispersions


Viking Roosmark Microwave assisted synthesis of thermoelectric nanostructures: p- and n-type Bi2-xSbxTe3
Ksenia Loskutova Cell viability of K562 cells in pressure anti-nodes of ultrasonic standing-waves
Victoria Kim Hard X-ray test objects
Hazal Batili Synthesis and Electrophoretic Deposition of Citrate-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles
Alexander Wärnheim Synthesis and characterization of a water-based hybrid nanophosphor-nanocellulose ink


Kian Shaker GPU Monte-Carlo Simulation of X-Ray Fluorescence Tomography
Zakiya Yassin Characterization of OSTE-based polymers for acoustofluidic applications
Thomas Schromm Optimisation simulations for propagation-based phase-contrast imaging with a liquid metal jet source
Edvid Kalmaru Optimizing an Ultrasound Based Tissue Micro Engineering System
Frans Karlsson


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