Linnaeus Center in Advanced Optics and Photonics


A cohesive academic center in optics and photonics spanning KTH, Stockholm University, and the research institute ACREO. ADOPT focuses on four promising science and technology research areas: functional optical materials, nanophotonic devices, near-field optics, and quantum information and quantum optics.
[ Image: "The correlations of a Swedish chessboard" by Robert Lindberg, from image contest]


2017-11-23: Optopub [+]
- LIGO – World's biggest gravitation wave detector
- Gunnar Björk, KTH
- Room FA31, KTH-AlbaNova, 5:30PM

2017-11-21: ADOPT seminar [+]
- Mid-IR Femtosecond Fiber-based Lasers for science and beyond
- Irina T. Sorokina, NTNU, Norway
- Room FA31, KTH-AlbaNova, 3 PM

2017-11-16: KSS seminar [+]
- Thin film solar cells based on Cu2ZnSnS4
- Charlotte Platzer Björkman, Uppsala University
- Room Darlington, Electrum B4, KTH-Kista, 3PM

2017-11-13: ADOPT seminar [+]
- Semiconductor-Superconductor Hybrid Devices
- Alex Hayat, Technion
- Room FA31, KTH-AlbaNova, 3 PM

2017-10-30: ADOPT seminar [+]
- Ichtyosaurs (and other pets) in the quantum laboratory
- Klaus Mølmer, U. Aarhus, Denmark
- Room FA32, KTH AlbaNova, 11AM

2017-10-26: APhys seminar [+]
- Relativistic attosecond physics
- László Veisz, Umeå University
- Room FB52, KTH AlbaNova, 9 AM


2018-03-22[25]: ADOPT Winter School, Romme Alpin [+]

2017-10-18[19]: Optics and Photonics in Sweden [+]

2017-10-17[17]: ADOPT Day [+]

2017-09-17[21]: ECOC 2017 [+]
- The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, Gothenburg

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